The 4 Aces Team

The 1992 Olympic basketball team…the original ‘dream team’. Many consider it the greatest team ever assembled, in any sport.

In the context of competitive sailfishing, the 4 Aces fishing team may be the ultimate candidate for that title with one of the most decorated resumes in the sport. 4 Aces is led by owner Peter Adrian and Captain Joe Turner. Combined, Peter and Team 4 Aces have won every major team and angler prize in every major sailfish tournament across South Florida. 4 Aces crew members bring additional achievements that quite frankly make this team unmatched by virtually any other billfishing team in the world. And they have equally as many second and third places finishes on their resume to compliment their long list of tournament victories. Consistency is the name of their game.

Whether it’s fishing or hunting, the spirit of the 4 Aces Fishing Team embodies all things outdoors. Stop by Facebook or Instagram and give us a like to stay in tune with all of their exciting adventures and tournaments. There are plenty of them!

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Peter Adrian

peter-adrianPeter Adrian – Owner /Lead Angler

Born in Cuba, Peter and his family came to America when he was just 2 years old. Peter grew up in Miami, where his father established a successful business in real estate acquisitions and residential development. Peter followed in his footsteps and the family business, Adrian Homes, has been building large-scale residential developments for the past 30 years.

The family passion for fishing and boating put Peter on a boat and the water before he was 10 years old. With his father and grandfather, he learned how to fish and run boats throughout the Caribbean at a very young age. Peter has tournament wins dating back to the early 90’s. He has won top angler status in essentially every prestigious billfish tournament across South Florida, some of them, multiple times.

Peter’s boat name, 4 Aces, has family ties as well. Peter has 3 sons and together the 4 of them represent the 4 Aces. His youngest son Christian, shares the same passion for the outdoors that Dad has. Christian is now a certified member of the 4 Aces team, a feat that makes Dad very proud.

Outside of fishing, Peter has a strong passion for hunting and roping. He owned an 18,000-acre ranch in South Texas for a number of years that is home to countless trophy bucks and a variety of exotic animals that they brought into the property themselves. He has roped competitively for many years, and regularly makes appearances at national championship competitions. He may be Hispanic by birth but there’s an awful lot of country in this cowboy too!

Christian Adrian

christian-adrianChristian Adrian – Top Junior Angler

At 14 years of age, Christian has been on the water since he could walk. He caught his first Sailfish at the age of 10. Wherever Dad goes on the water or the woods, Christian is there. He took his first deer at the age of 8 and has many other trophy bucks on the wall already. He’s taken up his Dad’s love for roping as well and plans on participating in some high school roping competitions in the near future.

Friday nights are Christian’s favorite night of the week. Why? The Friday Night Smackdown on WWE. Christian is a HUGE wrestling fan. His dream is to one day meet John Cena and Batista!!

This season is Christian’s first year on the team. One of his goals is to break all of his dad’s records, which is why Peter put him #2 on the rod! He’s very excited about being a part of the team. And, he’s always fighting Dad for that top angler prize!

Joe Turner

Joe Turner – Captain


Gary McBride

Gary McBride – Crew / Angler

Corey McBride

Corey McBride – Crew & Angler

Alex Castellanos

alex-castellanosAlex Castellanos – Crew & Angler

Alex earns his living as a fireman. Prior to that he spent many years running charters for Captain Ray Rosher on his boat, the Miss Britt. Alex has fished with John Dudas on and off over the years in tournaments on a number of different boats. When the job opportunity arose for John on 4 Aces, he made sure to secure Alex as one of his key guys ‘in the pit’ for their tournament season. He’s easy on the eyes, but sorry ladies, he’s spoken for.

Rob Ramirez

rob-ramirezRob Ramirez – Crew & Angler

His favorite movie must be Meet the Fockers because Rob and Focker share the same profession – they are both male nurses. In addition to his medical resume, Rob also has a strong resume in competitive sailfishing. He has been fishing together with John and Alex for many years and is a real asset in the cockpit as well.